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Chic, Urban, Gastronomic Canteen and Bar

Located at Zorlu Center’s most dynamic, boulevard floor; CANTINERY reflects award-winner restaurateur Cem Mirap’s and Lucca Team’s 10 years of food and drink experience. Redefining the well-known flavors to the city by using daily, fresh and local ingredients; CANTINERY brings a unique encounter of flavors and attracts the taste enthusiasts at breakfast, lunch and dinner all daylong with a high-quality food, fine wine selection, beer choices and crafted cocktails. Bringing a new breath to the dining scene, CANTINERY is the sophisticated dining hall, a joyful and friendly canteen where the city is introduced to fresh and gourmet flavors.

A World Cuisine kitchen with a local touch, CANTINERY has a daily changing menu, which highlights only seasonal products. The philosophy always remains same, though: Ethical eating.

The menu created by the CANTINERY experts includes dishes like Wild Herbs and Cottage Cheese Stuffed Zucchini Flower Tempura, Smoked Beef flavored Turkish Meatball, Lobster Burger, Black Truffle Flavored Wild Mushhroom Pizza, fresh daily salads, Mastic Cheesecake; cocktails created by the awarded Mixologists and fresh daily bread baked by the Italian Chefs which can be explored with joy. An International and Turkish team meets at CANTINERY, the kitchen is under the heels of the experienced and successful chef Pelin Çakar who has been creating wonders at Lucca for 9 years. The kitchen has; a Brick Oven,Fresh Pasta Section, and a Grill where different dishes are created. CANTINERY has ‘craft’ cocktails, specially chosen beer menu and a robust wine menu prepared to accompany the dishes prepared with fresh ingredients.

The interior design has the signature of “Roman & Williams”, the New Yorker design firm which also designed famous, hot spots in NYC like The Standard Grill, Lafayette, Boom Boom Room or “The Standard Hotel”. The architects brought to life their first project out of the United States, in Europe.

With its cuisine, atmosphere and decoration CANTINERY is not only the meeting point for breakfast, lunch and dinner but with the “casual-chic”, fun style it’s the cozy place to meet and spend some quality time. CANTINERY is open from 10:00 to 24:00. Cantinery with the ‘Good ingredients and good food” philosophy, serves up to 120 people at the open and closed area.

What is the Motto?

A supporter of Slow Food movement, Cantinery cares about ethical eating, local producing, and daily consuming. In Cantinery, it is always good day to have a good food.

What to eat?

From Pelin Çakar’s kitchen, dishes prepared from 60% of daily products by the experts ready to be discovered; The Lobster Burger, House made fresh pastas such as Beef Ragout Pappardelle, Cheesecake prepared with local ingredients; cocktails created by the awarded mixologists together with daily baked fresh bread from the Italian bread chef.